Magnify all maps < 100% (e.g. 50%)

Jan C shared this idea 7 months ago

I'm considering using Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color for navigation because it has a color e-ink display which is much better visible in sunlight than LCD. However, it has a very low resolution in color: 468 × 624, which is like a 200% zoom on a normal tablet.

So I think it could be useful to allow values less than 100% in the "Magnify all maps" feature, e.g. 50%. It's different than using a smaller zoom because all the details (like smaller paths), albeit blurred, would still be visible.

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Hello Jan,

this is a really specific request. The app picks a scale automatically based on the DPI of the device. In case, the resolution will be so low, the app may automatically pick a lower scale for the maps (so it should pick a scale of 50% automatically), but can't guarantee.

Anyway sorry, this is an extra setting I do not want to add to the app. It may be a little risky for low-powered devices and cause some extra troubles for users without deeper knowledge. Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thanks for the reply. It's OK, I've found a better suited tablet anyway :)

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