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Route Planner: allow delete of 1st point using Undo

Andrew Heard shared this idea 3 years ago

The Undo button is visible until only the 1st via or shaping point remains, then the Undo button is hidden. Now to delete the 1st point I must go to hamburger menu > Clear planner > CLEAR, or tap 1st point > dot-dot-dot menu > Delete > Delete. Please consider simply leaving the Undo button visible, and final Undo deletes this 1st point. If implemented correctly the Redo button will allow the 1st point to be redone anyway, so far less taps & more intuitive/ consistent.

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Hi Andrew, your point seems legit (unless @Menion thinks otherwise and will explain why) but there's no need to clear the planner due to the one point. Just tap the "-" (point removal button) and that's it.


Thanks Andrew,

will be implemented in the next version LCA3.52.0/LMA4.0.0.

Suggest to test it in the next Beta version, because I had to change a little inner logic.



Fixed. Thanks.

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