Adding content from tag "opening_hours:covid19" to POI details

Karsten Böttjer shared this idea 2 years ago
Gathering feedback

Recently I ended up in front of closed doors, because my favourite supermarket changed its opening hours due to Covid19 restrictions.

The POI function in Locus Map works really great for me and the most important details like opening hours are shown in ‘details’.

I suggest to show the content of the tag ‘opening_hours:covid19’ as well. At least as long as the pandemic persists.

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Hi, in order to see over time how fast the adoption of covid19 tag grows, I attach some stats.

Currently (March 2021) there are ~ 2.000.000 of plain opening_hours specified in the OSM dataset. Out of them, ~ 1.120.000 end up as POI in our database. There are ~ 87.000 opening_hours:covid19 in the OSM dataset. This is ~4.5% . That would be ~ 53.000 POI's worldwide.

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