Set desired zoom level in global map

Fred-Elias Frivold shared this idea 2 years ago
Gathering feedback

I like the idea of preload Global Map, but i can almost not use it. Its because it switch to the global map to "early". I use a local map in Norway (statkart), and do not want to be kicked out from that, if I zoom out.

Is it poosible to make a setting in which zoom-level we want the global-map to start?

Or, maybe better, make the global map just work in countries that not the main map don't cover.

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Hello Fred,

did you try to use the global map with fewer zoom levels? Not sure if you created the map on your own or not. Because the app has a limit set to zoom level 11 anyway of course if the world map ends in zoom level 9 for example, it will use only this level as a limit.


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