How to better visualize the off-line maps ?

laforest shared this idea 8 months ago
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Hi, It is more an idea than a question but I need to explain

Context :

I download maps to use offline for hiking. i select an area around where I am going and download it

Now, when preparing my trek, as i am connected (wifi/ data) it is somewhat difficult to see what exacly is downloaded

When I select a downloaded map, I see it, but where it ends is not totally clear. What level I have downloaded is unclear

Problem :

Result, in the middle of the mountain, i have some gaps.. e.g I only have level 11 and missing all smaller levels

Proposal :

I wish there would a way to display the borders / content of downloaded maps in a more visual way e.g by coloring all downloaded 'bricks'. a scroll would allow to select what level I want to see as this content varies on level

Crappy example of what I mean inspired by Brouter area selection

This would be for a unique Downloaded map, ignoring what is in cache...

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thank you for the question - I'll change it to an idea for other users to vote for it. I can see that you probably downloading mainly the IGN maps.

I only mentioned that we have an idea to offer to enable downloading of the IGN maps based on the map borders of the map sheets of touristic 1:25000. That could probably help...

Thanks, Petr


Actually I use 4umaps but would be true for any downloable content. How can I see precisely what is the offline content present on my device while preparing my trip and I have connection, not to be surprised by missing blocks, levels when I will be far from any network


I see. I would suggest downloading LoMaps maps from Locus Store as a quick workaround. LoMaps have a smaller size than downloaded online maps and you can download whole country in one click. You get also offline addresses and POI database. Please see link below for more info about LoMaps

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