Quick settings - add Show dashboard, Lock screen, Screen off

Petr Fousek shared this idea 2 years ago
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I use a always-visible side panel and I want to limit the number of buttons on my screen to save space so I prefer Quick settings.

In a perfect world, I'd love to be able to add to Quick settings anything that I can put to side panel (use it like a button sub-folder) but there seems to be a reason why not all things can be added there. In that case, my preferred ones are Show dashboard, Lock screen, Screen off. :)



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Hello Eniac,

if you use Locus Map 4, suggest giving a try to feature called "Floating menu". This may serve as a tool to quickly access 8 app functions. Quick settings serve a single purpose: quick access to a limited list of most used application settings.



Could we have multiple floating menus, and ability to name them?

Would be brilliant to be able to add native android shortcuts to the floating menu,....phone contact to check in, google maps driving, tasker tasks etc.

That way we could choose a specific dashbooard or preset from floating menu

means people wouldnt need to leave locus screen to make a call etc....


Ah sounds good but it complicated current very simple system a lot :). So no, sorry, nothing like this is currently planned.

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