WebUI and PhotoPoint cloud sync

Alistair Parsons shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

At the moment the photopoint has limited use as the photo attachment is stored in the locus/media/photo folder, which would soon fill up

So i expect a lot of people, myself included, store photos in an organised folder structure

and then add a photo as photo attachment to a standard point

It would be usefull in the locus/media folder would sync to a gold users account so that when anotehr device is used, the photopoints would also have the matching photos to work correctly

This would also make photopoints , and photo waypoints a lot more usefull

Also they could then also be viewed in the web planner ( when web planner shows points and waypoints)

All the photos are stored in the base photo folder, would be usefull if the could go in to automatic folders based on year,month etc

Also could you set the locus/data/media folder to be a custom directory in another location

Being able to attach external photos ( like from gogole photos) and have the image and icon come from this source would be usefull if the above is not possible.

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Hi, thanks for creating this idea. Synchronizing attachments (especially images) is another BIG topic that we had discussed several times but had to postpone it (time, personal capacity).

Currently, we still have a lot of work with LM4 release but hopefully this attachment topic could be reopened for discussion (and probably also for implementation) later this year.



Also related

if the data/media/photos directory could create subfolders for points, tracks and track names

thatway all the photo waypoints for a track would be in the same folder

It would make browsing the locus photopoint/waypoints in anotehr image viewer app a lot easier


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Hello, I would like to get back in memory of this topic "Synchronizing Attachments (Especially Images). Just today I wanted to show my tour on the PC with photos points and unfortunately could not. Please prioritize this as desired

+1 = Synchronizing Attachments to Images.

VG Richard


Hallo, ich würde dieses Thema "Synchronizing attachments (especially images)" gerne wieder in Erinnerung holen. Gerade heute wollte ich am PC meine Tour mit Fotos Punkte zeigen und konnte es leider nicht. Bitte dies als Wunsch Priorisieren.

+1 = Synchronizing attachments an Images.

VG Richard

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