Locus Store - description, prices, license terms and contents?

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Hello! Since the recent mergers and discontinuation of several other map apps (ViewRanger merger plus discontinuation and Gaia merger), I have been considering Locus map with an Android device dedicated solely to mapping (I use iPhone as my daily phone, but don't mind using a second Android device just for GNSS).

What I find sorely missing is a list of paid licensed maps, license terms and pricing. Locus Store should be accessible even for non-users of the app. I couldn't find any list on the website.

Please update the website to make this accessible to potential new users as well. You are missing out customers that way.

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thank you for the message. You're right this is really missing and there are already some plans for a better presentation of store products on our web page but honestly, it's a long-term task. Anyway, feel free to ask if you have any questions related to any map.

Thanks, Petr

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