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LM4: timeout not reset by repeated usage of a button

Pavel Hubik shared this problem 2 years ago


I've found a minor issue with auto-hide feature in LM4, which is especially annoying if one sets auto-hide feature on for zoom buttons. Not sure if this issue is new one, I didn't use the auto-hide feature in LM Pro.

If I play with zoom buttons, looking for suitable magnification, the buttons often disappear before I find the best one and I have to make a double tap again.

It seems that the autohide timeout is measured from the first tap on a button. In my opinion, the timeout measurement should be restarted with each tap on zoom button. Certainly, I can increase timeout but for other panels it will not be the best solution.



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After additional test I found that the time-out is likely measured already from the double tap moment.



Hello Pavel,

thank you, you are of course correct. Zoom buttons, centering button and map content panel were completely ignored when the app computed time for panel auto-hide. It Will be fixed in the next version, thanks!


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