Visibility button in points too fiddly

jimmyfromthepieshop shared this problem 11 days ago
Not a Problem

I have to use this button very often and it is starting to drive me nuts.

The button turns blue when the point is visible. If you then tap this button the visibility is supposed to be turned off but if you don't tap exactly on the eye it opens the overview for the point instead.

This problem only occurs with points - please compare with the visibility button for tracks, there you can tap anywhere on the blue highlight to toggle visibility.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Jimmy,

I'm not sure I understand. Both buttons (for points and tracks) should work exactly identical.

You want to say that only "eye symbol" is active and the area around, even if it's highlighted, does not act as a visible/hidden toggle? I'm just checking and really, between these buttons are no spaces so there should not be any accidental taps.

I can display real borders of all buttons and as you may see, they cover the whole highlighted area in both cases.

May you please double-check that isn't a problem in the thin, few pixels width, line at the right border? It is again the same in both screens, but it is the only place where you may by accident display detail of the point (or track) except the main area on the left side.



Hello Menion,

Thanks for your response. I've had a long look at the buttons and also used developer options to view the taps on the screen and it seems a strange problem with my phone along with my sausage-fingers are to blame. If I keep my taps to the very right side edge the buttons work correctly.

So there is indeed no problem - Sorry for wasting your valuable time!


No problem Jimmy. If you discovered anything in the UI, don't hesitate to write. Sometimes tiny detail may have big impact and few minutes I spend on this is really not wasting of time.

Have a nice evening.