Not possible to edit Coords in given empty Multi-Cache-Waypoints

Drumpldeer shared this problem 9 days ago
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If i have a Multi-Cache (e.g. GC8P2WZ) with given empty stations (waypoints), i can call the menu to edit this waypoint, i can press the circle-button "Select location" and choose e.g. "My Location", but than i can not edit this coordinates directly. I have to save this waypoint and edit it again, than i can change the coords in the same input-field.

As workaround i can choose a location, press the grid-button and there is possible to edit the coords. Is it possible to fix it, to edit the coords after choosing location?

For example the screenshots what i mean with a cache with given waypoints and the two buttons.

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I don't have a problem with editing the WP coordinates (or maybe I don't understand your point clearly):

1) tap the waypoint

2) tap "edit" in the bottom bar

3) tap the coords and edit them

4) confirm by the button in the bottom bar



Yes, this way works for me too. But if you would prefill the coords for example with "My Location" to edit only the last three digits, than the cursor jumps to the first position and the input is not accepted.


OK, managed to simulate it. Anyway, this is a very marginal problem as the coords can be edited right away in the cord editing dialog. Forwarded to the devs.