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Drumpldeer shared this idea 9 months ago

Is it possible to add this following details for the Cache-Overview?

1. The count of overall finds and DNF

2. The own Found-Date

3. optional: the percent of Favorites

I have create and attached a Example what i mean.

Kind regards and many thanks!


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Hello Jens,

this is a little more complicated for me because of the reasons:

  1. Locus Map does not (yet) directly download caches. This is done by Geocaching4Locus add-on, created by an independent developer.
  2. As I see in the Groundspeak documentation, we (Locus Map or add-on) do not have access to these values.

Only what may be done on your side is point 2. In case, you generate PocketQuery on the web with all "Founds" and import this PQ into Locus Map, the app should create a recorded in the internal "my logs" database and your logs should be then visible directly in the UI like on the screenshot.


Jiří M. aka Menion



to point 1- pity, but ok. Then it works with cgeo only because they do not use the API but make an HTTP request.

To point 2: That with the download of the finds via pocket query, would be an option, but I find it very cumbersome.

I have set Locus so that if i log the cache as found, it will automatically moved to a folder "Founds". So the founds are actually already available in a Locus database and could be compared from there. Would that work?



hmm if you log caches directly over Locus Map, then you should see logs in the cache like I on the mentioned screenshot. May you check any cache you recently found?


Argh! Yes, you are right, sorry. Then the referenced Caches where which one that I have found before I have use Locus.

If I activate the live map and there is a cache in the Found database I see the draft and so the Found state.

So, if I understand it right, for a Cache which is not in a local database, I can see the smiley for the found-state, but no details like date or log-entry? Sometimes I have had already miss it and used cgeo separately, but it's ok as workaround for me.


Exactly. Locus Map is able to receive info about "found state", but not the details about your log. That's why I suggested downloading and import PocketQuery with your founds. I do this exactly as you do. All my founds are in the separate group "founds". So import of this PQ simply overwrite all data in this "Found" group (which is ok) but! also add details about your logs into the internal database. So all your found caches will have correct "found" information. Hope my description is clear.

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