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Guy Evans shared this idea 2 years ago
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I love the dashboard and think the configurability of it is one of the best things about Locus Map. However, there are various additional fields that would be interesting to add.

  • Time of sunset (will I get back before dark?)
  • Time of sunrise (when will it get light again?)
  • Distance off route (easier to interpret a number than the map which may be at a different zoom level)
  • Distance until next via point (lunch stop, checkpoint, pub, cafe, etc)
  • Name of next via point
  • Time delta (comparison of time taken so far compared to that stored in route)
  • Average speed over last mile (how much am I slowing down - always visible not just as a voice alert)
  • Altitude gain over last mile (helps to interpret previous number)
  • Distance walked as percentage of total route being followed
  • Altitude gained as percentage of total route being followed
  • etc etc

Perhaps if the Locus Map API supported pushing/pulling additional name/value pairs to the dashboard then this would allow 3rd party developers to add these (and no doubt others). Or perhaps there is another solution?

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And elevation gain:

- from currently recording track

- ahead (from navigation track - from current point to end)

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