How long can I use my subsription without internet access?

A. Weber shared this question 8 days ago


I have a LM 4.0 subscription. How often will it check online if the subscription is still valid?

It happened to my on my last trip to China that after a week some apps stopped working because they could not validate their subscription online any more as some service got blocked by the firewall of China. Will this happen to LM 4.0 too?

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Hi Andreas,

When the app has no internet connection and it can't verify its subs status it changes nothing. All subbed features stay active until the app connects online and verifies the subs.

The question is if you're able to perform a new subscription purchase when you're in China. Honestly, we have a lack of experience if Google services work correctly in China. Anyway, I'd suggest purchasing a subscription before your trip and your premium features stay active if you're offline.

Thanks, Petr