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Import external gpx/fit to WebPlaner

Funduro shared this idea 2 years ago

There is definitely no way to import gpx files into WebPlaner. Using Desktop, it would be more convenient to import tracks created from other applications or ready tracks straight to the website and synchronize them. Using the import via dropbox etc. is possible, but much less convenient.

The second thing is the possibility of a new route recalculation, either by mistake or because you want to check other possibilities. Now, when creating an example route on MTB and changing my mind to trekking, I have to create everything from the beginning

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Hello Funduro,

ability to recalculate already planned route with another routing profile is possible. Just select different routing profile and "Recalculate all" button should be displayed. Please, let me know if this is what you meant or there is still some use case that we should consider :). Thanks a lot!

Kind regards, Ondrej from Locus team


Hi there, GPX import is finally rolled out! Just grab your favorite GPX file and drop it on the map ... after few secs you should see GPX content in the "Import" tab and also displayed in the map. You can:

  • send imported track to planner
  • save tracks and points to "My library" (only with Premium Gold)

Feedback is welcome :)

Kind regards, Ondrej


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