Ability to print areas from the desktop planner

Timo Scheidig shared this idea 3 years ago
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It would be great if one could print off a certain area of the map.

In certain situations it is wise to have a paper backup with you.

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Iagree, and I had also forgotten that I voted for this request, so I posted a similar idea on the forum.


sorry for the double entry, but now I know I'm not alone


I'd really like this option. I often go trekking and skitouring, and especially for the latter case a printout map is a must have, here are some of the reasons:

  • Cold climates (up to -15°C) mean my phone could turn off suddenly, or the battery discharge very quickly
  • Using gloves or a very strong sunlight make reading a small screen hard
  • Battery may not last for multi-day trekkings
  • A paper map contains exactly and only what is necessary for the current trip

All in all, it'd be very nice to be able to use the very nice Locus maps in a small print format such as A4, as sometimes paper is just better than an app.

A possible implementation is the wonderful Swiss Geoportal print-to-PDF function, of which I have attached a (compressed) example here


The QR code generator for the map, to link back to the locus web url would be intersting.

I have clients that im trying to persuade to use locus, they sell printouts of bridleways, being able to print a route easily on to a map for selling would be a very suefull feature for them...

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