Recommend to load PQs on two devices, or one and sync?

Viajero Perdido shared this question 8 months ago

Question about recommended usage of Sync.

Several times a week I load ~5000 geocaches from Pocket Queries into my phone, and also into my tablet.

Is it better to keep doing this - loading same data into two devices - or to load into one, and let it sync to the other overnight?

Sometimes I load PQs without erasing existing data. In this case, I assume "sync" is the answer.

Thanks. :)

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For now, I've assumed one-PQ-then-sync is the answer, and it's working well.

Suggestion: it'd be useful if sync could also sync the PQ "already imported" status. That way it wouldn't show "NEW" on a device it's already been sync'd to. Thanks.



the correct way to do this is to import data into one device and then sync new content with other devices. If you will import geocaches into multiple devices and then sync it will most probably duplicate your data (each geocache in each device is created with it's unique ID).

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