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Name of exported tracks

Andy shared this problem 21 months ago

In previous version of Locus when I export folder of tracks (for example Tours) then it is exported to the file like Tours.gpx (or But now when I export this folder it is exported to file like 32_Tracks.gpx. Where 32 is a count of tracks in folder. When I want export another folder (for example Roads) it is exported to 18_Tracks.gpx.

This is too inconvenient. It is impossible to understand which exported file belongs to which folder. And even more - when folders have same numbers of tracks there is overwriting exported file.

Is there any solution for this? I would like the old naming scheme to be used. That is, the name of the exported file coincided with the name of the folder.


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Everything that is written above refers to exporting a folder into one file.


Hi Andy, Locus Map has never named the multi-track GPX file by the folder name. It always indicated the number of exported tracks. We implemented this feature in 08/2018 and it's never changed since then. Anyway, your point makes sense so we'll put it on the wishlist.

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