Polished top panel during navigation/guidance (symbols, usability, graphs)

Christian shared this idea 3 years ago
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The new look and feel of Locus Map 4 seems to have not touched the top panel during navigation/guidance. Imo it's not very user friendly. For example the symbols of tiles regarding different "times" or "distances" are exactly the same.

I'd love to have a polished UI there, too. There should be unambigious symbols or just text labels. Other apps can also swipe between different top panels from left to right to see different information. Tiles can also be clicked in other apps to make them bigger.

Besides that I'd also love to have some additional information there:

  • a little graph that shows the upcoming altitude profile (like for the next kilometre or so)
  • the traveled distance so far
  • average speed
  • current gradient/incline

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Just realized there is a dashboard functionality that can do above things. Well, it's neither polished nor user friendly, but will do the job atm.

There's even a graph for the altitude profile. For me it shows the entire track. Seems to be ok. There's also a limit setting that has no effect for me, though.

I am looking forward to see whether this graph will also highlight my current position.


Hello Christian,

thanks for the tips to make app UI better. You are of course correct. Top part used for navigation/guidance was re-used from Locus Map Free/Pro version. It it something I would definitelly like to find some time, so thanks, it comes handy. And maybe more votes push me to make it faster :).


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