Bad cue when route crosses previous section.

Bob Kowalski shared this problem 7 months ago

I have a route which circles back on itself.

I have attached the Logcat (see attached file titled badCue.Logcat) generated when creating the Location ArrayList (which is placed into Track using setPoint()) and the Point ArrayList (which is placed into Track using setWaypoints()). The Point ArrayList is a set of Cue Points.

When this Track is sent to Locus Map (using ActionDisplayTracks.sendTrack(), the Cue Points are not provided to the user in the right order when navigating.

If the imported route is exported to GPS, the Waypoints are also reported in the wrong order (see the attached file badCue.GPX).

Note that in the Logcat file that Waypoints (a.k.a. cuePoint) index 8 (line 1825) and index 15 (line 1832) appear sequentially in the GPX file (lines 111 and lines 122). You can also search for "Beaver Creek Rd" to find the data in question.

The "Turn right onto Beaver Creek RD, 1008" cue is the only one not in the same order in the GPX file as was supplied to the Track (in the Logcat file).

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Has anyone had a chance to look into this issue yet?


Hello Bob,

Locus Map tries to attach waypoints to existing trackpoints based on own inner logic.

What you may set to make it work correctly:

Best is to set parameter `GeoDataExtra.PAR_RTE_INDEX` to every waypoint. It should be index of the trackpoint in the "points" list. In your case, coordinates are not enough, because on the same coordinates exists two trackpoints (1241 and 1488).

let me know if this helps.

Jiří M. aka Menion



Setting the PAR_RTE_INDEX value now causes the generated GPX file to show the Cue points in the correct location. Thanks.


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