Easier access to WMS

Flora shared this question 2 months ago

It takes several clicks to activate a specific WMS layer, wheras deactivation is easy. I didn´t find a way to add WMS to the right-hand panel, did I miss something? Even nicer would be the possibility to choose a favourite WMS for that shortcut.

I added the maps selector, but that saves just one click.

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Dear Flora,

I'm sorry but it's not possible to add a shortcut for WMS maps into the right panel.

I don't know your use-case but I'd also suggest checking our other app called LocusGIS. LocusGIS is able to display several wms maps, display or hide particular maps in one click. More information about Locus GIS https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=menion.android.locus.gis

Thanks, Petr


Thanks, I'll have look at that.


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