Unlinking the authorization service from Google

life teo shared this question 22 days ago

Good day.

I did not find how to do the right thing for the owners of Huawei (without google services). The application of version 4 is installed and works, but there is a problem with the login under the email from Google, when authorizing, it writes that I would use the login via Google (in the web constructor it says that the account is an SSO account)

Can you somehow untie the account from the authorization through the Google service? Maybe I can somehow take my account from authorization via Google myself?

I was alarmed by this message https://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:faq:locus_not_work_without_gplay I won't be able to make in-app purchases?

web route builder is just super!

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your account (the same email address you use here on the help desk) was unlinked from Google auth.

Please open Menu > Store > right account panel > change account and login again. It's needed to re-register using email/password option

Thanks, Petr