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LoRouter automatic download not working

Viajero Perdido shared this problem 3 years ago

(Continuation of forum discussion here.)

For voting: does anybody else find the auto-download feature not working?

For debugging: Menion indicated this uses the same process as automatic backup. I've set automatic backup to trigger every 1 day, and have an interesting result. I saw an Android notification: "Automatic backup - process unsuccessful". But there IS a valid-looking backup file with matching date/time, same size as the others, and when I select it for import (without OK), the app appears to consider it valid.

I've left logging-to-file enabled (beta/expert feature), and these lines seem relevant:


13:33:14.847DϾrenameTo(, retry 9

(unrelated stuff, plus 8 thru 1)

13:33:23.872DϾrenameTo(, retry 0

13:33:24.874DІɉdeleteQuietly(LocusFile [type: FILE, text: /sdcard/Locus/backup/auto/2021-04-23_13-33-08_Locus_Map.temp]), file object is invalid or not exists

13:33:24.874WյЈbackupDataSync(o.ɂӏ@23b82ae, 2021-04-23_13-33-08_Locus_Map, [o.Џ$ı@44b22b5, o.ȣӀ@58f1d4a, o.Џ$if@a1834bb, o.Џ$If@19dd8, o.Џ$ǃ@bd83531, o.Џ$ɩ@29c416, o.Џ$Ι@a8b6197, o.Џ$iF@6debf84], true), unable to rename file from 'temp' to 'zip'

13:33:24.874DյЈbackupDataSync(), backup done


The valid-looking backup file is named (note very slight difference in name), Android version is 9. I can email the full log if you like. Hope this helps. :)

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All appears to be fixed with the latest beta! Good work; you can close this now, thanks.


Perfect, thanks for the confirmation!


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