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Jérôme ROBLET shared this idea 7 months ago


It will be great if you develop an addon for BMW car. This addon could allow user to prepare à route on Locus and to send it directly to the BMW GPS by bluetooth or through a USB Device.

Perhaps, just in a first time, develop the capability to export à route in tar.gz file format.

Do you think you will work on this topic ?



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Hello Jérôme,

this idea is really out of scope and the main focus of the Locus Map app. We focus mainly on hike & bike activities.

Anyway creating a route in the route planner and its sharing over Bluetooth should be already possible. Here it depends if there is an app on the side of the BMW system that is able to load and use track created by the Locus Map. Good luck ;)

Jiří M. aka Menion



Thanks for your answer. I'm not surprise by it but as your application is so wonderfull and really well done, i expected you will be agree to develop this kind of add on.

I think no app on BMW side can read a gpx or kml file....

Best regards

And continu like this with Locus


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