Tracks and points appear double after syncing

jimmyfromthepieshop shared this problem 9 months ago

I've noticed recently that most - but not all - of my points and tracks now appear twice since I've been using the sync function.

I use 3 different devices in total, 2 of which are now on LM4 and syncing.

I've been wondering why this has happened and I presume it's because I had these tracks and points stored on both devices before the syncing began and it has uploaded each set to the cloud before the other then downloaded it, producing 2 of everything on each device.

Is this a correct assumption?

Either way I have a big problem which is going to take a long time to sort out as I need to go through and delete one copy of each folder/point/track to clean it up, hopefully without losing any. I can't wipe the data from one phone and have it sync from the other because the wiped phone will presumably sync the fact everything has been deleted and delete everything on the other phone too

Creating a backup is now only half a solution as it will back up everything twice.

If this is the case, then wouldn't it be sensible for the cloud to somehow recognise that everything is doubled and only create one copy of each? :-(

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I'm sorry to read that. I has happened to quite a few people. It happened to me twice and wasted a lot of time ;-(

Once all devices are properly sync'd the 1st time it works very well.

I hope this (brief) description may help


I am also sorry to hear that. There is detection mechanism in place that should warn you about possibility to create such duplicates. Proper way to do this initial sync is to:

  1. Sync first device with the cloud. This device should ideally have all your complete data
  2. Perform sync on other devices. Device should detect that data are already in the cloud and offer you 2 options for sync:

  • a) Full sync - This will upload your device data and also download data that are already in the cloud. The most probable result is duplicated data. You should use this approach only if you have different data from your first device.
  • b) Download only - This will delete your local database and download data from the cloud (data previously uploaded by your first device). Recommended approach. BUT be careful if you have some extra data not present on the first device - it would be lost!!!

How to correct current state? If you had the same data on both devices, you are lucky. Just delete one of the duplicated folder/group on one device and synchronize your changes. Deleting group/folder will clear all the content (points / tracks) it contains. If you had different data on both devices then you will need to check it manually. BUT you would need to do this anyway because synchronization is here to keep devices synchronized with the same data.

Sorry for the inconvenience (let us know if something went differently than described here).

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