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dimm shared this idea 7 months ago
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Firstly, I would like to note the excellent voice notifications in the Navigation and Guidance To a Point modes, the best among other apps. But the Guidance Along a Route is much worse. It is designed for off-road use. But how do you interpret "turn left" in a field or on a lake? Which angle to turn left? "The track is 200m at 5 o'clock" Okay, but when I cross the track, there is no notification, it is also not clear which direction to go when I reach the track. That is, voice notifications is useless in this mode. On the contrary, the Guidance To a Point is great: I can set, for example, a repeated notification every 100 m, the notification contains the distance to the point and the direction, very convenient! I can correct the route every 100 m without taking my phone out of my pocket! I suggest making the voice notifications for Guidance Along a Route as consecutive Guidance To a Point notifications.

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Did you do the route route planner? Have you used manually mode there. This feature is good. But please only be drawn manually for segments. Otherwise the current should be maintained.


Hi guys,

this is a really specific request. What about try to

  • Settings > Navigation > disable Automatic recalculate
  • Settings > Navigation > Out of route notification > distance set to 1 meter and set the sound to TTS. The frequency is up to you.

With this, the app should keep you informed about your position compare to the original route. Give it a try, please. I do not guarantee, but it should work.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thank you! I achieved desired behaviour with following settings:

Guidance > Strict route following = OFF

Guidance > Out of route notification, sound=TTS, distance=1m, repeat every 300s

Every 5 minutes I'm notified about the distance and angle to the next route point. Very useful for off-road!


Maybe I misunderstood the idea.

I'm planning a route in the route planner. Put the points and LoRouter (brouter) routes in existing ways. Now comes an area where no way is. Then I switch to manually. At the end again on hiking and it goes on for ways.

When navigation comes with because of which created with hiking perfect turning instructions. But on the piece that was drawn manually, no turnover comes. When Locus recognizes a manual piece. Then it could make a turn-in instruction based on the angular change. Just as it is done with (navigate to GPX track).

I do not know how hard that is to integrate. But while hiking, the function is often needed. Especially in areas where OSM is not so good yet. Therefore, it would be nice to have something like that.

Should I have misunderstood the idea / proposal. Please let me, then I write a new one.

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