LoRouter: more profiles needed, with descriptions

Viajero Perdido shared this idea 10 days ago
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Hi. I have a few suggestions to make LoRouter more usable as a premium feature.

  • There need to be descriptions for the built-in profiles, more than just the name. They're quite mysterious. For example, I thought "LoGravel" was ideal for my AWD car, but found that it routes down bike paths, so it appears to be a cycling profile.
  • Need a cycling profile that avoids major roads in the city, willing instead to go extra distance on quiet roads and bike routes. I can't use LoRoadCycling because it prefers suicide by traffic. I found an old "safety.brf" of forgotten origin in my computer that works much better.
  • Need a cycling profile that doesn't doesn't route down highway=footway, footway=sidewalk. In my area, unless tagged otherwise, it's illegal to cycle on sidewalks. (It's also slower.) So I can't use LoMTB either. Perhaps a checkbox option?

Personally I'm comfortable with editing profiles, but for general use... Expectations are higher when it's a premium-priced feature, no? I know you're working on it.

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Hi, the tolerance to traffic which Road cycling profile currently has should be greatly reduced in the new update. Thanks to pointing out to the sidewalks and description issues though. Radim


Hi. In the related topic titled "LoRouter MTB profile: inconsistent barrier handling", I wrote a comment, then edited the comment to remove it, saying "Ignore this comment, my mistake.". I was referring to the comment, but not the topic. The topic is still, in my mind, a valid topic - unless you've already fixed it. Thanks.