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Locus classic does not work with new handy

Franz Schmöller shared this problem 23 months ago

I have imported around 280 tracks into the locus directory.

Then i did install from openandromaps the relevant maps (type locus) directly into handy (into mapsvector).

Then I installed the _themes into the directory mapsvector.

Now i have only 2 elevate - themes, and some of my tracks cannot be handelethan correctly.

What is wrong with my installation?

I used locus-pro for more than 10 years and found it perfect.

Pls. Give me some advice how to solve this problem.

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Maybe you can find the solution for the white cross in a red circle here.


Or just follow this link.


Hello Franz,

Notes OpenStreetsMaps - are shared on the map and serve as an aid in mapping OpenStreetMap.

Their deactivation:

- Click the left blue button at the bottom of the map view (content bar)

- Map layers

- deactivate OSM Notes

More on this link on our website.

Have a nice day


@ c.s.g.Thank you for your help


Possible explanation for showing only 2 mapthemes for the OAM maps:

The newest OAM maps using version 4 of Mapsforge Vector Library. The themes must be compatible with this version.

Locus / LoMaps are still using (maybe a special) version 3 of Mapsforge Vector Library. and therefore the themes for the LoMaps are designed for version 3. So they can not be used with OAM maps version 4.

Some more themes for all kinds of vector maps can be found here.

PS: Do not know if the therme "Mapsforge Vector Library" is correct.

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