Sharing my maps from phone to PC

Lubomir Johan shared this question 8 months ago


is there possible to view my maps that has been recorded in the phone on my laptop or PC?

Is there possible to adjust the recordings that has been done for further use - perhaps if I get lost and have to return on the previous point and go different way to delete the wrong part?

Can I plan the road on the pc and than use the phone as navigation?

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Hello Lubomir,

To your questions :

LoMaps are available in Web Planner.

It is not yet possible to use other maps from other providers, but we are working on it.

If you plan your trip on a computer in the planner, Premium Gold subscribers have the option of saving the route to the cloud and synchronizing it with Locus on their mobile phone.

You can then use it to navigate.

You can edit the routes in the Track editor - more here on this link on our website.

Have a nice day



Hello Andrea, I really appretiate your help and advice which has been really healpful.

I would like to plan the road on my laptop and use mobile phone as navigation device, you mentioned that "premium gold subscribers have the ption to save it i to the cloud. That was the reason why I purchased the premium gold, but unfortunately I'm not able find how to upload it in to cloud nowhere. Could I please ask for this help also?

Perhaps would it be possible if someone from LoMaps would contact me by pone I would have more questions I would like to ask and it is better to do so in person than writing.

My phone is: +420 739342696

Thank you very much



Hello Andrea,

i hope you can help me! Since 2 weeks I use LOCUSmaps4.0 in GOLD.

It is possible to import GPX-tracks in the PC-Planner? Now I can only EXPORT.

But it is very useful zu import and rework the track and made some specifications and so one...

Is there a possibility or way?

Best regards from Germany - Uwe



@ Lubomir,

You can find the best way to start synchronization properly on this link on our blog.

In case of further questions, contact us in writing (create a new Ticket as private), unfortunately other communication is not possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

@ Uwe

Import of routes - GPX (and other formats) into Web Planner - it is not possible yet.

But it's on our list.

We're working hard to add new features to it as soon as possible.

You can find what we are going to do here on our blog.

Thank you for understanding.

Have a nice day


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