Problem with Location Permissions on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Android 11

Robert Baker shared this question 7 months ago

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone with Android 11. Locus Map 4.0 will not keep tracking when the display goes off (like when I place the phone in my pocket while hiking) if the Location Permissions are set to "Only while app is in use". If I set the Location Permissions to "Allow all the time" it works fine, but I get Notifications that the app has requested my location while I am not using it. Why would Locus Maps 4 need my location if I am not using the app?

I also use another mapping/tracking app called "CalTopo" which doesn't behave this way. I have the Location Permissions on CalTopo set to "Only while app is in use" and it does not stop tracking when my phone display is off and my phone is in my pocket.

Why would I need to keep the display active for tracking while doing a day-long hike? The longest I can set the display to stay on is 10 minutes.

Thanks, Robert

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Hi Robert,

we've been fighting with this issue since Android version 6 that started to kill our app or its access to GPS when it runs in the background (navigates, records track, shares location via live tracking etc...). Android 11 brought another "improvement" - the system urges Locus to prompt the user for background location permission when he wants to use a feature that needs to run in the background (track recording etc) - Android calls this background activity as "use all the time". The "Only while app is in use" status is used only when Locus is actively on screen. When it is not, it is "not used" (and can be killed).

How it is possible that Caltopo doesn't need this permission and it runs in the background, we honestly don't know. Google threatened us to remove Locus from Google Play if we wouldn't add the background location prompt to the app.

"Why would Locus Maps 4 need my location if I am not using the app?"

- Locus needs your location when some background feature is on (like track recording) and you don't play with it directly. When you don't use Locus and no background process is on, Locus doesn't need your location. It's just confusion of the terms.


OK, got it! I'll just leave the Location setting to "Use All the Time". Just wanted to make sure the app wasn't "tracking" me when I wasn't using it.

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