Running Openandromaps on Locus Map 4 and Locus Map Pro is slow at first startup

Dong-Geulami shared this problem 19 months ago
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Running Openandromaps on Locus Map 4 and Locus Map Pro is slow on first startup

If you use the map after starting the map from the Locus Map, the speed is a little slower than the previous Locus Map version, but it is not inconvenient to use it.

However, when I turn the app off and start it again, the startup speed is slower than when I used Locus Map Pro before

The tested smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the operating system is Android 11, the Locus Map 4 official version 4.0.2 has been tested.

Note I have attached a YouTube video.

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Hello Dong,

thanks for the video. I do not see any significant slowdown at the app start on your video to be true. Loading of vector maps takes some time to compare to basic tiled maps. Maybe you have the map file itself or the map theme on the SD card? This may have an impact here.



Hello Menion

Thank you so much for your answer. Always express your gratitude to the Locus Map team.

And I always look lovingly at Locus Map and I like it.

I save and use the vector map in external memory (SANDISK Extreme Pro microSDXC SQXCG 400GB)

And the theme is stored in the internal memory and used.

In the same state, before Locus Map 4 came out, Locus Map Pro wasn't slow when loading a vector map and starting it wasn't particularly slow.

I sometimes view vector maps by launching Orux Maps or other apps.

However, after updating to Locus Map 4, when comparing the execution of these apps with the vector map, we find that it slows down differently than before.

At first I thought, "It could be," but the longer you use the app (when you hike), the older phones (Galaxy Note 8) slow down a lot, and the latest smartphones get a little hitch.

With the release of Locus Map 4, many improvements have been made compared to the past. I like Locus Map 4 so much.

However, it may be because of this improvement, but the cache performance for the map is slightly lower than the previous Locus Map Pro version, and the overall app execution speed is slower than before.

It will be difficult, but if you can improve the performance when viewing the vector map, please politely update it even if it takes time.


Hello Dong,

thanks for the detailed description. Unfortunately, I have to say that logic behind maps is 100% identical for both apps (Locus Map Pro, Locus Map 4). There simply can't be a performance difference when identical settings are used. So if you feel, there is any difference, try to compare shading, overlays and WMS maps. Maybe you have enabled one of this option in LM4, that may slow down the app.


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