Abo Locus Map Pro 3.51.3 and Locus Map 4.0.2

chris g shared this question 7 months ago

Hello, i'm french, so, sorry for my english.

I bought Locus Map Pro 3.51.3 on Play Store where it ask me to pay 9.99€. It was on friday the 30th april.

But I didn't know that it exists the new version Locus Map 4.0.2 where you have a Silver and a gold abo. It's a friend who recommanded to me this app and he told me, to late, for the new version. And He had the old and now the new version and he had the silver abo gratis for a year.

I installed the new version 4.0.2 today on my phone (android). But, it's like I never paid the 9.99€ abo.

So, what can I do to have the new version without pay again ? Or is ther a solution ?

Kind regards.

Christophe GRÜN


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Hello Christophe,

I verified your payment on Google Play, you have paid the Pro version

from 1.5. 2021

As a Pro version user, you have the option of a 100% discount on an annual Silver subscription and a 50% discount on an annual Gold subscription.

But the subscription does not activate automatically.

To apply the discount, please proceed as follows:

-If you haven't already done so, sign in to the Locus Store at least once in your old Locus Map Pro

-install the new Locus Map

-go the "Go Premium" page in the main menu, you will automatically be offered discounted tariffs

You can apply for a discount whenever you want.

Have a nice day


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