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Dark Theme for Locus 3 Pro

Endrju shared this question 2 years ago

Is there a chance for a dark theme for Locus 3? It looks like version 3 will be successively neglected to discourage users and force them to switch to version 4

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In my understanding, new features arrive in v4, bugfixes are still applied in v3. So it's not neglected.

Edit: for your information: Night mode for maps is available in v3 in Settings → Maps → Advanced Features → Map color mode


I understand that new features are coming in version 4 but I don't understand one thing. Nowadays Dark Theme is something normal, more so in the era of energy saving. The option in Locus 3 has nothing to do with the Dark Theme, yes the maps are dark but all the panels burn your eyes with their white.

Dark Theme for all !!!



I'm sorry but we are not going to Dark Theme in the Pro version.

Locus Map Pro is definitely not and will not be neglected. We will continue to maintain and update it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a nice day


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