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Peter Kundrat shared this idea 3 years ago
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Overlays are one of the best ways how to use several map data at once - very useful in planning.

Ability to quickly toggle waymerked trails on/off (like in Brouter-Web) is great if there is too much information shown on the map. Mapillary or Google streatview coverage layers would be great for planning a road bike trip. Photosphere/panoramio layer would be great for exploring the area too.

Invaluable source of information is also Strava heatmap - it shows you where people actually go, regardless of the map (not sure what are usage restrictions there, but this would be a killing feature - as i am not aware of any other online planner that shows this (except for freemap.sk).

Ideally ability to add custom layer (like in Brouter-web) would give users great flexibility (e.g. by adding country specific layers like NLC roads, DRM5 lidar scan etc).

As this contains multiple ideas - voting for any form of layers would be sufficient.

They could grow in the future (or i could make a separate topic idea for voting for strava/streetview etc).

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heatmap - excellent suggestion. At present I use Strava only to see the most used cycling routes when planning a trip to new/ unfamiliar location, but a Locus heatmap overlay would eliminate the need for Strava.


Global heatmap on strava is almost unusable as the base map is barely visible. The one in route planner is better.

I use strava heatmap layer as overlay in Locus (see http://www.locusmap.eu/strava-heatmap-in-locus-why-not/ and several tickets that address related issues you need to solve) - especially useful on the device in the terrain.

Ideal implementation would have one layer for each sport and maybe one combining everything (similar to several map profiles in Locus app). But if enough people upload their routes to the cloud, even Locus heatmap may be useful (not sure if profile info is recorded in those routes).

Other nice option is also Garmin heatmap - much less data than strava, but better filtering (e.g. road vs. mtb bike vs. gravel bike).

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