Undeletable "Temporary route"

Tomáš Janoušek shared this problem 46 days ago

I wanted to try the 4.1.0 changes in route planning and somehow managed to get a "Temporary route" that stays there even after "Clear map screen" or restart and cannot be deleted. Also, when I select "Route stats" in the planner, it shows stats of this stuck "Temporary route" instead of the currently planned one.

I managed to get rid of the route once and then reproduce the bug that makes it stuck, but can't get it unstuck again so "Route stats" is unusable for me now. Anyway, here's how to make it stuck:

  1. route planner
  2. plan route
  3. "Route stats"
  4. view waypoints and itinerary (maybe not necessary, dunno)
  5. click the show on map button with four inward arrows and inner circle at the top
  6. save the route
  7. delete the route
  8. now there's a "Temporary route" that stays there after restart and the "Route stats" functionality always uses this route

Here's a screen record of that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL9Jkfk5YCw

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Hi Tomáš,

thank you for the precise problem description. Issue forwarded to Menion.


Hi Tomáš,

hmm, nice bug. This temporary route created only to display stats should never be directly visible on the map. The button "Show on the map" should not be visible in the "Route stats" screen. It Will be removed in the next version, thank you (and Michal)!