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Mario Thaler shared this problem 7 months ago

Hello since the last update I have a problem with the GPS altitude.

Locus Map 3.52.1

Galaxy A51 Android 11

The screenshots show that Locus is very imprecise in the altitude calculation and shows 10 times too much total altitude. As a reference, I also have a screenshot of my Garmin watch data enclosed where the height is displayed correctly.

Any idea why that is?

Thanks for the help!

Lg Mario

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Hello Mario,

Locus Map processes altitude from data it receives from your phone's GPS.

If the data is incorrect or contains large deviations, the resulting altitude is also incorrect. However, Locus Map offers several methods to reduce these variations.

Open Locus settings> GPS and sensors:

- Position filter> select medium or heavier filter

- Location supported by Google> turn it on

- Altitude Manager> Settings tab> SRTM Data - select "Optimize GPS Values" or "Replace GPS Values"

- Altitude Manager> Settings tab> Pressure Sensor> On (if available)

- Altitude Manager> Settings tab> Altitude Filter - select a medium or heavier filter

Have a nice day




thank you for your fast response.

I will try all this settings and hpoefully

it will work.

Thank you!



Hello Mario,

Thank you for your message. If there is a problem, contact us.

Have a nice day


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