Locus webpage pops up frequently on Chrome browser WIN10

Peter Noll shared this question 8 months ago

Dear Friends,

since 2 hours locus map website pops up a browser window (Locus Mapp App) in google chrome. It appears for 2 secends then it disapears . I have no idea how to stop this .

Thanks for support. br Peter

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Hi Peter,

We don't register any suspicious errors in our server logs. Could you please describe in detail when and how the issue happens? Is it possible to record a video of the problem? A few ideas:

- it may be caused by some Chrome plugin blocking popups

- it may be caused by antivir or other security SW

Check these out.


Hi Michal,

sorry, but I am quite sure it was a matter of chrome addin for syncing bookmarks etc. , issue is solved, sorry for disturbance.



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