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Points: make URL check more helpful

Georg D shared this problem 3 years ago

When entering an address in the way you're used from business cards, advertisement, browsers etc, Locus says Wrong item 'URL'


and blocks saving of the point.

For users, this is not easy to understand in the sense that it is not that much helpful to solve the issue: Is no URL item allowrd for that point type? Is the given URL wrong for that point or field type? If just the formatting is wrong, what formatting is accepted? etc.

Please either

  • For URLs without schema, ask "Add http:// in front? yes/no" which can be assumed to be the usual schema. If yes, prefix http:// and retry URL check. If no, show current validation result message but reword to Wrong URL format, expecting scheme:// prefix or 'http://www.domain.tld' (i.e. list the restrictions the implemented checks for).
  • or accept any URL without scheme and with different hostname than "www" (especially no hostname at all) and also without TLD, so e.g. and and myRouter:8080/foo are allowed

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Hi Georg D,

I've just updated the system that validates inserted Url. It should work correctly for Url you wrote as a sample. Check it please in the next version and let me know if any Url will still cause trouble to you. Thanks for the bug report!

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi Menion, in 3.53.0 nearly all my tests with links were successful - only an IP address without port like is rejected by Locus, which I do consider an edge case.


Ah thanks, I'll improve it!


In 3.53.1 also IP address without port and without http schema works fine - thank you :)


Perfect, thanks for the confirmation!

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