Custom profile for estimated time in route planning

Stefano shared this idea 13 months ago
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Going to the route planner it is possible to see the estimated time which depends on the chosen profile. It would be nice to have one or more custom profiles where you can set Vflat, Vuphill and Vdownhill. To make me understand I mean those shown in the screenshot.

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and/or allow all existing profiles to be edited/ deleted; same with profiles for track activity

I only use 1 or 2, but have to scroll thru the other 20 each time


the Recently Used top section is great for speeding up selection as a general concept, but adding more & more categories???


Customizing the values would be great!

For me they are often completly off although I'm quite "average".

+ there are already quite widely used formulas e.g. by mountaineering Clubs (there is even a DIN norm for that in Germany ;) ) which give far better predictions although the formulas are still very simple.

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