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Initial state of toolbars and buttons is bad

Tapio shared this idea 2 years ago

I have talked about it in forum, I think it's something that could be fixed.

Problem: After start of Locus map, the show/hide state of UI elements (buttons, toolbars) is often bad. If I apply a preset, it stays in a messy state - I have to double tap (once/twice) to bring it into order.

See video.

1. Initially, "map screen content" button is not at the bottom as it should be.

Then a preset applies.

2. Most obviously, the big button is missing, also the zoom buttons, and the top bar is not displayed, but the other bars. For all autistic minds this is a mess ;-)

Idea as for presets: When applying a preset, either show all elements which are allowed to show up or hide all elements which are allowed to hide.

A kind of tidying up action.

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Hello Tapio,

thanks, you are correct. You use a special config.cfg settings to keep panels hidden at the start (moved to internal expert settings now), so I missed this problem.

Anyway in the next version, this should be improved. The whole auto-hiding system is a little sensitive to changes, so in case, there will be a different problem, let me please know, thanks.


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