Problems downloading LoMap France North

Wolfgang shared this problem 4 months ago
Not a Problem

Dear Lady, Sir,

yesterday I bought some of your vector maps. I've got a problem with France North. I bought maps before and after France North. All others worked fine. Please find an error message from the attached screen shot. I tried the following to solve the problem without success:

  • I removed the existing older map into another directory
  • I searched the entire tree of Locus directories for any dataset or directory named .tmp. No one exists.

Now I will be happy, if you help solving. Best wishes,


A translation into Engish of the error message ist as such:

Error: cannot change the dataset with '.tmp'

Dataset ist probably write protected...

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Sorry, this is a doublette of my yersterday reported problem. I didn't find the old question before writing this. Anyway, the problem is real.


Hello Wolfgang,

Thank you for your message. As I see it, your issue has already been resolved.

So I'm closing this ticket.

Have a nice day


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