Compare weather forecast for different locations (manually picked, or for track auto-picked)

Georg D shared this idea 2 years ago
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For choosing a tour and also for packing stuff (so for before and not like after a tour) it would be a big convienience advantage compared to other weather apps if we could see several forecasts side by side.

I imagine the GUI flow like this: Get forecast for mountain "West of me", press a pin icon, get forecase for high plain "northwest of me", get forecast of mouintain "North of me", press a pin icon, and click "compare" button. Now 3 day listings of all 3 locations are shown side by side

  1. clicking a day in one of the 3 forcasts opens day detail view for all 3 locations
  2. button to rotate to landscape (=enough space to see 5 or 6 locations side by side)
  3. scrolling up/down scrolls all locations up/down (4 times less scrolling actions required if 5 locations are picked, and less potential to confuse)
  4. some subtle highlighting of the highest/lowest of all values of a row (helps finding the warmest/driest/coolest target for a day)
  5. a button "save comparision as a favorite" so I can easily look tomorrow with updated forecast.

Same feature could be re-used for tracks and route planner, just with option for auto-location-picking. This is not useful for an 1km walk where weather will be quite similar, but a 60km bike tour. Auto-location-picking would take start+end point of track and 1-3 intermediate points, dependent on track length, and if strong altitude differences exist, highest/lowest point (these usually have quite different weather.

To make it even more convenient, re-use travel time calculation in day deatil view, so if user clicks e.g. 10:00 at start point of a 6h bike tour, in intermediate point forecast, 13:00 is automatically marked and scolled besides 10:00 of start point and between both times travel time 3h and distance 20km is shown (maybe with tiny altitude profile showing it's going uphill?), same for 16:00 of end point with 3h and 40km (maybe with tiny altitude profile showing it's going downhill?)

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