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I just installed Locus 4.1.1 and suscribed à Premium Gold plan. I am trying to import all my recorded tracks in order to find them in the Locus new cloud. I have created a new folder in the phone app (Samsung Note10+, Android 11). Then I tried to import to this new folder, I was able to select all the files. Then when I validate, nothing happened and the tracks are note there. My question is: What is the most efficient way in order to import all the previous tracks, i.e. almost 900 in my case ? How can I locate the folder that I created within Locus app in order the past all the files there using my files manager ? I don't know if this is a good idea.

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  • take the first device on which you have the oldest Locus data (tracks, routes, points). This device should ideally have all your complete data
  • open your track/point manager and tap the sync button in the topbar

  • confirm manual synchronization, let it go all the way through
  • your personal database on the cloud has been created – you can sync other devices or plan/save routes in the web planner

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