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Exported GPX files with corrected coordinates don't work in c:geo

Jen Ovečka shared this problem 15 months ago

Hello, I quite often use GPX export in Locus to send my wife premium and solved caches to c:geo on her phone. It always worked quite well. Today, I tried to send her few caches as usual but the c:geo says that it cannot parse GPX file.

I tried export to both 1.0 and 1.1 version but no success. Always error parsing GPX file.

I noticed there were changes in exporting caches with corrected coordinates to GPX in recent changelog. I tried exporting only caches without corrected coordinates, and this worked in c:geo!

So c:geo cannot import new GPX with corrected coordinates from Locus. Is there way to fix this? Maybe checkbox to export these caches in legacy format? Or should I go complain to c:geo Github?

Thank you.

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You're right. And I already found the problem's reason. C:geo's GPX-parser is quite strict, it expects a proper "xmlns"-Attribute for each block of extensions. So in the case of corrected coordinates export, remove the "<extensions>" and "</extensions>" tags and change the block to the following proper code:

<gsak:wptExtension xmlns:gsak="">


Hi guys,

Sonny, amazing, thanks for the help. So the only problem seems to be missing "xmlns" attribute. It Will be fixed in the next version, thanks!

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