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Ricyro shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

Can the planner look at including the following:

Add Google streetview. When planning cycle rides on minor roads it is very valuable to see the quality of the roads.

To be able to edit a route after saving it.

There is no obvious way to start a route, I think I press command and alt on a mac which found through trial and error.

Ability to change map type eg to opencycle map

Ability to overlay strava heatmap.

Ability to add cycle lanes

To be able to add and edit navigation cues.

To be able to add own points of interest.

Also something that needs correcting:

If I select road biking and then create a route it tries to send me down off road tracks which is wrong.

Also with road biking selected the planner wants to avoid may roads even if they are small linking sections and create very illogical routes. See attached file.

Thanks Rich

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This proposal can not be implemented. You have to make your own proposal for every idea. Then others can give their voice. Please search if there is an equal proposal already.


@ Locu Team: Please convert the proposal to a question.


There are already the same ideas. And as already written, just an idea per topic

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