Add surface type share to a web planner and application planner/viewer

Radek P. shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

My idea is that you can see in web & application planners/viewers surface type ratio as a summary. Something similar to features in strava or komoot. It's very useful when you plan a route for a road bike and you love only asphalt. Or you want only dirt for MTB.

I know it can be only done if you use vector maps and always in web map. I think it's more than enough and is applicable in most cases.

90% - asphalt, 5% - cycleway, 5% - unpaved.


numbers and small graph as a summary.

You can do sth more fancy if you highlight specified types of surface on a map, and add 2nd option next to surface -> type of road (main, secondary, residential...). But fancy things can be done later if you please :)

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