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Locus route(rte) file import to navigate

Collecting votes 0709 Locus Map Comments: 3 Reply 10 months ago by 0709
9 votes

Track planner: integrate existing tracks into route

Collecting votes zossebart Locus Map Comments: 1 Reply 21 months ago by zossebart
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7 votes

Make a route on the desktop

Answered Jelle R. Locus Map Comments: 10 Reply 31 days ago by Jelle R.
3 votes

Navigation diagram (1) shows only 20km

In Progress Johannes W. Locus Map Comments: 3 Reply 5 months ago by Michal S.
2 votes

Route planning screen - Define width : width in meters

Completed Fifi Locus Map Comments: 3 Reply 3 months ago by Fifi
1 vote

Conditional Show/Hide filled areas or routes

Declined Yuli D. Locus Map Comments: 2 Reply 18 months ago by Yuli D.
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Navigation/route planning uses GPS instead of map point

Solved R3gi Locus Map Comments: 12 Reply 15 months ago by Menion
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Create a route using GPX file

Answered Paul Locus Map Comments: 7 Reply 13 months ago by Paul
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Confusing arrows and voice commands during route navigation?

Not a Problem virtualdj Locus Map Comments: 6 Reply 8 months ago by virtualdj
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