Problem with importing complex polygons

Marcin Sulwiński shared this problem 5 months ago
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I have a problem with importing polygons with “holes” to locus.

I have shape file like this in qgis.


I save it as a kml file and import it to locus. After importing the inner rectangles are not visible:


When I open the kml file with mobile or desktop version of Google Earth then everything is ok.

I attached a kml file in which there is the same problem: there is no "hole" after importing it to locus.

BTW. Locus is a great software!

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Hi Marcin,

you've probably mistaken Locus Map with Locus GIS. Locus Map is an outdoor navigation app for hikers, bikers or geocachers, and for these users there is no use-case requiring import of polygons. Locus GIS is an app for GIS professionals and it can import polygons with "holes".

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