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Peter Kundrat shared this question 5 months ago
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1) web planner asks to access my location (without me clicking) - access granted

2) map correctly centers on my current location

3) error message "Cannot access your location" pops up. When closed, it keeps popping up every few seconds and cannot be stopped - very annoying

It happened in Firefox and I couldnt reproduce this on other browser. This seems to be some itnermittent error because today after killing the tab i could not reproduce even on the same browser.

Second small issue is, when i click "Center map on my location" it asks for permission. But when i deny the access, and click it again, the page does not ask for permission anymore, just gives an error: "Sorry, we can't shift the map onto your location without your permission. Please allow it in your browser" - and i did not click "remember this decision in the browser" (and locus is not listed in firefox location options websites). After reload, the prompt comes back again. (this could also be a firefox defect)

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Hello Peter,

thanks for asking/reporting this problem :). This was caused by slightly different behavior in Chrome and Firefox. I have already fixed it so you can check it.

Additional info:

Web planner asks for access to your location - yes, this is default behavior because we want to show you relevant location and not some "random" fallback to Europe. Your choice is remembered (saved) in browser.

You can enable / block access to your location "one time" or let browser "remember" your choice for the future. When you deny access, application can only detect that permission for accessing location was not given by user. I have no possibility to show you popup window again - this is browser functionality.

Kind regards,



It hasnt been fixed - happened today again (still happening). Current location was successfully retrieved,

map was recenterd at my location. Then suddenly the error started popping up - and doesnt stop even after closing.

Will try to debug the js.



Hello Peter,

thank you for rechecking it. Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce it. Please, could you try to use anonymous browsing mode in Firefox in order to prevent the possibility that you are still using some old cached version? Also providing Firefox version and OS would be helpful. Thank you

Kind regards, Ondrej

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