Locus 4: Open geocache from within Locus in webbrowser

Keksbande shared this question 7 months ago

I have been using Locus Pro for many years for geocaching. I have now moved to Locus 4 and so far I like the new GUI. I am missing one very important function and am not sure wether I just have not found it, or it is really not there: When the details of some geocache are opened, I often have the need to change to the version in the web browser, for example for using the built-in geochecker which is only accessible in the browser version. In Locus Pro the menu had an option to open the geocache in the web browser. Where is this function in Locus 4?

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It's hidden better.

Scroll down to the GC code. Tap it. Open in web browser.

If that doesn't work, try exiting Locus to activate the lock screen, unlock, try again. (Applicable if you have Locus set to bypass the lock screen.)


Well hidden. I would never have found that ;) Thanks.


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Thank you @ Viajero Perdido for your quick help.

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